Friday, April 24, 2015

ellagee - Don't You Dare Blink and Sexy Old Girl

Happy Friday readers! Are you ready for the weekend? This week has brought very strange weather. It was sleeting yesterday and down in the 30s today. So much for Spring, right?

So today I have two polishes for you from the ellagee collection "A Good Man" inspired by everyone's favorite Doctor!

Don't You Dare Blink
First up we'll take a look at a polish inspired by one of the creepiest adversaries in the series: Weeping Angels. Innocent enough - when you're looking at them. But as the name of this polish tells you, Don't You Dare Blink!

From ellagee:
Don't You Dare Blink is a clear based glitter texture polish with shades of gray, gunmetal, and navy blue. The color of the angels where they're at the scariest, in the dark! Don't look away, don't turn your head, and don't blink. 
Because of the densely packed glitter, this polish is thick and slower to dry. Two thin, even coats with 5 minutes of dry time in between recommended for best texture

This polish is really beautiful straight out of the bottle. It captures the true essence of a stone sculpture barely lit by the moon. And it has some lovely flashes of blue to go with all those grays.

Be sure to heed that suggestion above from ellagee regarding applicatoin. It is definitely thicker than your average polish, but if you're patient it is not a problem. Here are some photos without a top coat.

Here is one with a topcoat. You can see it adds just a bit of extra shine. Out of the bottle it has a very mild texture to it, but doesn't feel too bumpy to me. It isn't like a Zoya Pixie Dust - it's much more subtle. A top coat will even this out for you if you're bothered by texture. It looks great either way depending on your personal preference. 

Sexy Old Girl
Next up is a polish inspired by a character as pivotal to the series as The Doctor himself: the TARDIS. There is a super fun episode named The Doctor's Wife where she takes on a human form. Her name, of course, is Sexy.

From ellagee:
Sexy Old Girl is a TARDIS blue jelly with a mix of blue and silver holo glitters. 

That simple description is accurate, but seem so short to encompass the gorgeousness that is this polish. It has the squish of a nice jelly, but with the "omg - I'm blind"ness of good holo glitters. This puppy practically shimmers in the dark.

Be sure to head over to the ellagee website and check out the rest of this amazing collection! There is a little something special for every fan available. Follow on Facebook and Instragram for more information about this great brand! 

Base/Top Coat: 
     Nail Pattern Boldness - Digital Hydration
     Butter London - Hardwear P.D. Quick Topcoat
     ellagee - Don't You Dare Blink
     ellagee - Sexy Old Girl
Where you can get them:
Where I got them: Borrowed from my sister (thanks Amanda!)

Application: The application for Don't You Dare Blink can be kind of tricky, but totally worth it. It is quite a thick polish, but if you're careful you can apply even coats. Photos show two coats. Sexy Old Girl goes on like a dream! Photos show three thin coats, but you can get away with two.
Wear: I haven't had the chance to personally test these, but I have heard amazing things about this brand and would expect the same from these polishes.

Thank you for reading! See you next time.

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